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COVID Update - 4th January 2021

Following the lockdown announcement today, we can confirm the government guidelines concerning dentistry remain unchanged.  It will continue to be categorised as ‘essential healthcare” and is a legitimate reason to travel.

The government guidelines are that all necessary dental treatment should continue to be carried out. Necessary dental treatment is defined as treatment to maintain oral health, or maintain general health or wellbeing.

You will be contacted if your appointment does not meet these criteria, otherwise your appointment will go ahead as planned.

The government message concerning dentistry is as follows: “it’s safe to visit the dentist”


Appointment information

Before your appointment. You will be contacted by our team and asked some pre screening questions. You will also receive important communications by email and text in the run up to your appointment. If you or anyone in your household develops Covid symptoms, or if you have been told to isolate, please cancel your appointment.

The day of your appointment
Before you leave home please brush your teeth and visit the lavatory (The patient toilet will only be available in emergencies). Please bring a mask/face covering and wear it into the building.  Hand sanitising facilities will be available inside the front door.

Please be aware that the Hygienist is unable to use the ‘ultrasonic’ scalers during our Hygiene appointments, to reduce any possible aerosol production. Therefore she will be using hand instruments only until further notice. Please also note that our ‘Spittoons’ are also out of use so there won’t be the usual rinse available at each appointment.

It is important to reassure you that dental practices in the UK have always had to meet some of the most stringent requirements for infection control in the world, they always have been and always will be very safe environments to visit. At Dental Healthcare Practice infection control has always been a top priority and we will be following recommendations made by the British Dental Association and Public Health England.