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Update -1st November 2020

With the new lockdown measures recently announced by the PM, here is an update on how the practice will function during that time.

The practice will remain open and protocols will continue largely unchanged. The government put in place protocols for dental practices post lockdown which are amongst the most stringent in the world, and make a dental practice probably the safest place you will visit outside your home.

Even in countries with far less strict regimes, there have been no known super spreader cases developing from any dental practice anywhere in the world since the covid pandemic began.

Government recommendation during this lock down is that dental appointments constitute essential medical appointments and should not be delayed or avoided.

Delaying examinations and treatment has been shown to lead to a decline in oral health, general health, increased need for emergency treatment and has only stored up problems for later. We saw this amongst our own patients after the first lockdown, when all dental visits were delayed.

It may be surprising to know that most diseases that show in the mouth produce no symptoms until reaching an advanced stage. This includes dental diseases such as  decay, gum disease and general health issues such as oral cancer.This reinforces the need to keep up with regular visits

The following statement has been issued from The British Association of Private Dentistry:-

“Dentistry has always been safe, remains safe AND we have a clear understanding of the measures we need to have in place to safely see our patients for all dental treatments, including very essential dental checkups and hygiene treatments, during this pandemic.  Millions of patients around the world have safely visited their dentists in the past few months for the full range of dental services and with the correct PPE and infection prevention measures in place, dental care should continue to be provided”